You are Watching Malice in Wonderland: The Dolls Movie (2010)

Malice in Wonderland: The Dolls Movie (2010)

Watch Malice in Wonderland: The Dolls Movie (2010) Full Movie Online in HD.

This bawdy comedic film parodies the classics Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz and Mommie Dearest. In the grand tradition of Shakespeare, all the roles are played by men (except two). The story opens with the hiring of a Joan Crawford look-a-like from Nanny Dearest, Incorporated. The relationship turns comedic tables with the cigarette smoking Alice in service to the demanding nanny. In a fit, ‘Nanny Dearest’ flushes Alice and her rabbit down the toilet. Alice is deposited in Wonderland, where she meets a multitude of strange characters while pursuing the rabbit; ending at the Red Queen’s Orgy. Alice barely makes it out of Wonderland with her head. Awakening in bed with Nanny Dearest at her side, Alice realizes she has learned much from Nanny. (IMDb)

Duration: 79

Quality: HD


IMDb: 7.9


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